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My Blogging Plan

I’m currently trying to schedule enough continuing education classes in, around and between the activities to which I’m already over-committed, to manage to keep my license in good standing when it comes up for expiration at the end of February. Today I wedged three credit hours of Disclosure into the morning and then three ‘General’ credit hours dedicated to ‘Blogging for Realtors’ into the afternoon. The class was taught by Rob Gibbs and although I didn’t have extremely high expectations for the class (the Disclosure teacher was a little ‘new’ and ‘nervous’, so to speak), I walked away motivated, inspired and enriched.

This blog is good for me and my business for several reasons. I need to recommit myself to making it work. I know that it is going to require some time and dedication, but in the long run, it will be worth it. Part of my problem in keeping with it in the past, is routed in my perfectionist, do it the BEST or don’t do it at all attitude, which tends to veer into the ‘don’t do it at all’ lane on a regular basis (IE: most of the time, my house is kind of a pig sty, except the random night when I’m vacuuming lampshades and taking a toothbrush to baseboards and not sleeping until 3AM).

The point that I’m attempting to embrace is that it’s better to post SOMETHING of small to medium value on a regular basis than the equivalent of “War and Peace” once every six months. And thus, a plan is born. Here are my goals: Five posts a week; two of general real estate content, one kid/my life related, one recipe and one about a local event/restaurant/activity. However, I do not guarantee length, or even Earth-shattering-ness (or, for that matter, even all actual words).

That said, feel free to categorize this post as General Real Estate Content. And here you go, on to the real estate related portion of the post. During my Disclosure class this morning, the teacher (also a home inspector) gave us a list of useful websites to help buyers obtain information about the house they are buying:

Arizona Repair Masons & Arizona Ram Jack
Arizona Registrar of Contractors
The Arizona Geological Survey
Environmental Data Resource
Better Plumbing

So there you go. I’m going to do my best. Hope to see you often!

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