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My Blog Has Multiple Personality Disorder

I decided awhile ago that this blog needed to have more specific and consistent content. In the past I have posted about my kids and my vacations and whatever I was thinking about at the moment, in addition to real estate issues and thoughts. I also regularly posted recipes and pictures of food. So I nixed the non-real estate content, to the extent that every post needed to at least be related to my life and my experiences as a Realtor, although obviously I still come at my real estate content from a very personal angle.

I think this has been going very well, especially for the last six weeks or so, during which I’ve been posting consistently twice a week. But, in general, I’m a total spaz, and I have decided that it might be even better if I posted THREE times a week. I know this sounds like it’s a pretty reasonable goal. It’s only one more time a week for goodness sake. And there’s plenty of bloggers who post daily or multiple times a day. But I’m having some anxiety about getting together three real estate related posts (and mine tend to be ridiculously long, I can’t help it, I’m verbally bloated, they should make a pill for it) every week. It’s stressing me out. I’m having dreams about spiders and the spiders are are all wearing shoes made of laptop keys and if I’m not funny and relevant on cue they’ll bite me and my arm will get a hole in it that will turn green until my arm falls off.

So the point is, I’ve decided to bring back my food posts once a week. Because then I can just take pictures of my lunch and be done with it. (OK, I’ll put more effort into it than that. Unless it’s a really good lunch sprinkled with 24 karat gold truffle shavings or something.) I really do enjoy cooking and sharing recipes. And bacon. I definitely enjoy bacon.

Thus, going forward you can expect from me:

Monday – Post with Real Estate content (injected with humor using one of those meat marinade needles)

Wednesday – Post with Food Porn

Friday – Post with Real Estate content (sprinkled with 24 karat gold humor shavings)

Those of you freaks who don’t like food or reading about food can just not come around on Wednesdays. And those of you who think real estate is lame and boring and I’m not funny… well, then you should probably just stay away anyway. In fact, you’re no longer invited over here. I’m *not* crying. You shut up.

And to kick things off, Pictures Of My Lunch:

I totally just made this up!

OK, I was inspired by an article in Everyday FOOD this month about making little pizzas and various other things in muffin tins. But the tortilla part was totally my idea. And the filling (leftover shredded pork and cheddar).

Sorta like a snowcone holder.

Squish the little cups into the muffin tin and fill with whatever sounds yum. *Tip: Meat and cheese is always yum.

Topped with a raw egg and baked at 375 degrees for 22 minutes.

Removed from the muffin tin all crispy and melty, and topped with avocado, sour cream and hot sauce.

Creative lunch makes the world feel less black and heartless on those black and heartless kind of days.

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