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More Winners Who Win Super Awesome Things!

OK, People, roll a drum here or something. I have picked the final winner of Happy New Website Day! If you’ll remember, this pool of potential winners came from the comments that got lost in the Land of Stupidity and Moderation. The final winner of a $25 gift card to Paradise Bakery and a Real Estate Tangent Tshirt is:

Dena Stevens

Woo! Yay Dena! Dena is a client of mine who sold her condo this year with me. She also got married and is currently gestating her first little one! So she can totally use extra calories provided by Paradise Bakery, I’m betting.

I actually got the other two shirts I ordered for the first set of winners in the mail a few days ago, so I took a minute to model one for you (although I use the term ‘model’ loosely):

Stop staring at my muffin top. Quit it. It's really hard to remember to smile, point, not fall off the back of the balcony to a gruesome death on the pavers below, keep my eyes open AND suck in. I could never be a contestent on ANTM; it's true.

I’m wearing the shirt I ordered for Ann. Ann, I may have sweat in it a little bit while I was running back and forth from the tripod pushing the timer to take the picture and then climbing up on the decorative railing thing. It’s ok, though, Ann and I are related. She’s ok with my sweat, aren’t you, Ann?

No, my Dear Neighbors, you don’t have to email me to tell me you saw me doing this and I looked ridiculous. I know it. Ridiculous is my default mode.

I have one more winner to announce. Amanda Cowan was the very first person to email me yesterday about the typo on my Holiday card. She will receive a $10 iTunes card in the mail and the satisfaction that she is smarter than I am. Don’t forget, though, that there’s one more card up for grabs. I’ve already had some decent entries for the best description of why my typo was stupid, but there’s still time to get yours in. I’m taking entries till Christmas Eve.

Alright, you can stop rolling the drum now and go on about your business.

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