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Monday Mantras

It’s a new week. It’s my birthday week. There is much to do and little patience with which to accomplish it. Who wants to show property and negotiate contracts when I have Trapezery to do with my family tonight? Yes, I’m having my birthday party at the Trapeze class. It’s possible I’m an 11 year old girl.

OK, OK, I recognize just because it’s my birthday week doesn’t mean I have the right to get nothing done (I recognize it, but I don’t like it. If it had a Facebook fan page and sent me an email asking me to ‘like’ it, I would totally hit ‘ignore’).

Thus, in an effort to get through this week NOT by daydrinking and shopping for new awesome nail stickers, I’m going to make myself a list of things to repeat that I’ve needed help with lately:

1. The fact that I’ve been working so much lately (especially on the weekends) has probably taxed Jason’s patience with the kids as much as mine is taxed during the evil summer break. I vow to give him some time off instead of informing him, “If you bellow at the children one more time in the next 3 minutes I’m going to hire a hit man to kill you in your sleep.” If I have him killed then there will be no one to watch the kids on the weekends.

2. I still have to get through a 30+ day escrow with that one listing agent. If I tell her that I think she’s a lazy cow with a room temperature IQ right now, it’s going to make things super awkward and difficult for the next month. I vow to hold my tongue. Until after Close of Escrow.

3. If I plan out my healthy lunch and think of it in an excited manner (even if it’s a put-on to fool my stomach) before I’m starving to death, I’m significantly less likely to drive through Jack in the Box and order a sourdough jack with extra bacon and a large side of stuffed jalapenos and then want to drive into oncoming traffic half an hour later when my low blood sugar panic has passed and the guilt has set in. I vow to plan my meals and enjoy my healthy lunches.

4. If I drink more than 2 glasses of wine a night I will sleep like a hobo and feel like lukewarm diet coke the next day (kinda grody). It’s hard to remember this a glass and a half in when I’m cheerful and carefree; but it’s an important lesson. I vow to restrain myself. A little bit. It is my birthday week, remember?

5. If I go to the gym  and walk on the treadmill and do my crunches and pushups, I perform much better at ballet class on the weekend. It’s not fun to work out, but it’s fun to kick leotard-clad ass in class. I vow to work hard so I can be good at the fun stuff.

6. If I keep up on turning my paperwork in to my broker regularly, then I don’t have to spend 2 hours after the transaction is closed compiling and uploading forms. I also won’t have to feel like a jackass when I need a favor getting my check cut out quickly. I vow to try harder to be a good employee to my awesome broker (well, and more so, his wife, Queen Francy).

Those are my mantras for the week. I’m on a quest for perfection (shut up about what a long journey it’s going to be, OK?).

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