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Molly D.

Alrighty, then. Car names. You guys were totally helpful with all of your suggestions (even those of you too wussy to post them publicly… you know who you are). I appreciated every single one of your red-themed, slightly-to-moderately lewd, lesbian-referencing, acronym-utilizing suggestions. So much creativity!

Although many were close, one stood out as particularly perfect. Stacy Najim (of The Scottsdale/Phoenix Najims) commented on my Facebook post that she’d had a red wine blend once she’d really liked by a wine maker named Molly Dooker. She said Molly Dooker is Australian for Left Handed.

As far as I was concerned, it hit all the right notes: red wine, Australian for the ‘Outback’, and dude: I’m totally left handed*! Plus it’s cute. But, of course I couldn’t name my car after a wine I haven’t tasted.

Saturday, Jason and I made a pilgrimage to Total Wine to seek out a bottle of Molly Dooker. When I asked the sales guy who was helping us out, I accidentally called it Molly Dooky. Which was both funny and embarrassing because: Poop. It’s possible I had been taste-testing tequila.

But, eventually the giggling wine salesman was able to point me in the direction of a red blend by Molly Dooker named Two Left Feet:

And the bottle confirmed the left-handed lore:

Sunday night we took the wine to family dinner at my parents’ and tried it out. It was a unanimous success. My mother even liked it. With ice, natch.

So, I’ve officially christened her, Molly D:

And it’s a super appropriate day to do it, as it’s like Official Left-handers Day or some shit. I saw it on Twitter. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to celebrate by buying anyone you know who’s a lefty a cocktail. (Don’t read this list of ‘interesting facts’ about left-handedness, though. It’s mostly about how we’re the devil, will die early and are probably autistic.)

Stacy Najim, you are the official winner and need to let me know whether you would prefer an inappropriate coloring book or an I <3 Boxed Wine t-shirt.

Thanks again, Guys!

*Mostly. There are a few things I do with my right hand. Additionally, I bowl and paint watercolors with equal aptitude with either hand.

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