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mmm… sushi

Today was my birthday and we went to a restaurant that we’ve been to once before and loved. It’s up in DC Ranch (Pima and the 101) and it’s called Blue Wasabi.

Everything in DC Ranch is pretty. If Jason and I had to live in a shopping plaza, this would be the one we would choose. Everything in it is made of stone and beautifully rusted metal. The building we parked in front of had a gorgeous steel roof that had rusted and dripped down on to the concrete underneath.

The food at Blue Wasabi is pretty too. And it tastes as good as it looks. The rolls are named for pop culture references and they are a combination of traditional Japanese sushi ingredients and some exciting American additives. The Where’s The Beef roll was good:

but our favorite this time was the Red Hot Chili Pepper roll:

I love sushi. It was a good birthday. I even got a great pair of shoes.

Sushi and cute shoes, who could ask for more?

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