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Maybe HOAs Aren’t ALL Bad

You know how we’re always like: Dude, HOAs are THE WORST. All they do is fine us for leaving our garbage cans out 10 minutes longer than we’re supposed to and raise the monthly fees. I have to submit a ream of paperwork just to put up a goddamn shed in my own backyard! If I saw an HOA-Nazi’s golf cart burst into flames, I wouldn’t spit on it to put it out.

Well last weekend I showed this house in a cute Non-HOA Tempe neighborhood:

Nice, right?

Unfortunately, this was the house to the left:

Ah yes, holiday lights in February. Also I’m pretty sure the inspiration for the color palette was my favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip.

Even more unfortunately, this was the house two to the right:

There just really aren’t words, am I right?

I wanted to take some closer-up pictures, but there was a guy wandering around the yard watering stuff who looked way crabbier than someone with a purple house and a yard full of precious moments angels really should. You’ll have to cope with a zoomed in version:

It’s fairly amazing.

The point is, next time you’re paying a gypsy to curse your HOA for the tedious misery it’s constantly wreaking on you, just remember; you could be living next door to that, with absolutely no recourse.

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