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Market Anxiety

Man, it has been a week. Remember my zen attitude about life and real estate? Yeah, I’m feeling less zen these days. I have one of those deals that’s on, then off, then on, then off, then off, then on, then off. I have to admit it’s making me a little crazy. I think it’s making everyone else in my life crazy also with my twice daily calls, “So, I think my deal is falling out of escrow…” and “No wait! Everything’s fine, it’s all back on, everyone’s happy!” and I know it’s making my client crazy. My manager keeps telling me, ‘Take a deep breath, stay calm and don’t get emotionally involved. You are only here to facilitate the deal.’ I’m trying, I’m telling you, I’m trying.

The market is difficult in other areas as well. Things on the selling end have really just made a sharp u-turn into ‘Buyer’s Market’ territory in the last few months. Selling a house right now is looking a bit like our desert landscape, dry and barren with a few prickly buyers here and there (I think most are still feeling a bit bitter over the tough time buyers were given for the last year or so, can’t say I blame them). So my three listings are still holding strong. I’m getting a decent amount of showings, and I feel confident we’ll get them sold in a reasonable amount of time. It’s a little odd, however, not getting a zillion offers in the first week. I’ve got to adjust to the ‘normal’ market.

Other than all of that, life here is as usual. I’m enjoying the warming of the weather and still deciding on my new hybrid car. I’m definitely leaning toward the Highlander. It was gorgeous when we drove it last weekend. Jason’s a bit sticker shocked, though, so I’m waiting until the end of the month when I will (hopefully) have a few deals close.

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