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Long Time, No See!

Yeah, I realize it’s been awhile. You’ll be pleased to hear, I’m sure, that I’ve spent my time away from my website working like a dog. The market is definitely a tricky place right now. We are flooded with inventory and prices have been dipping. Buyers are out there, but they’re picky buyers now and they know there’s more out there. In fact, some buyers are even having trouble making up their mind with all of the choices they have, which makes transactions move even more slowly.

I have two new listings that I will be posting about in the next couple of days when they are solidified. Just to whet your appetite, though: both have lovely pebble tech pools.

I have also been showing for the last week in Anthem, which is a truly interesting place. I hadn’t been there in years (not since the only thing that brought Phoenicians up there was a day trip to the outlet malls) and was somewhat shocked to find that it is really its own little community now (complete with an awe-inspiring community center). It made me wonder if Casa Grande is also not far from joining the Phoenix Metropolis.

Outside of new listings, showings and working on getting my listings sold, the kids and I have been trying to visit the pool as often as possible and Jason has been struggling to finish the never ending bathroom project. Check out his work from yesterday:


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