The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

Lessons Learned Every Day

Things are moving along smoothly in the real estate world right now. The two deals I have in escrow are so far problem-free (knock on wood). I have learned a couple of new things so far on these transactions:

1. The On-site Waste Water Treatment Facility Addendum is used if there is a septic tank on the property being being purchased or sold. The addendum states that the seller will have the septic tank ‘serviced’ before close of escrow. Just in case you were wondering, ‘serviced’ entails having the tank drained (I know, ew), and costs about $400.

2. When the seller agrees to fix something during the inspection period, the time to determine if this has been done is at the final walk-through, after close of escrow is too late.

3. If, as a buyer, there is ANYTHING you feel nervous about and would like to have an expert look at about the house, do not hesitate to order an expert to come out during the inspection period. It’s your right and you’ll kick yourself later if there’s something wrong you could have known about before you bought.

Other than those transactions, I have also been out showing properties. Last Saturday I took clients through 15 or 20 condos in Scottsdale and Phoenix. It was an interesting experience for me. I’m not used to dealing with gate codes, parking spots and locating apartment numbers. New challenges are fun!

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