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Just when you thought it was safe…

We’ve got the flu here at my house (you thought this was finally going to be real estate related, didn’t you? Well you were wrong). Boy oh boy is the flu my least favorite of the afflictions my kids have picked up. It started with Gray (my little guy) waking up yesterday throwing up. He continued to throw up every 15 minutes or so, even when there was nothing left in his little tummy. It subsided about 5 hours and 10 outfits (among Jason, Gray and me) later. Ben seemed fine, and even made it through trick or treating last night, but a call from the nurse’s office this morning wasn’t totally shocking. I feel bad for the custodian who had to clean up his Fruit Loop puke from the table in his classroom. I also felt bad for my poor guy when I walked in to find him looking quite gray in the face seated on the nurse’s bench.

Fortunately for us all, this seems to be a short lived virus, just a day or so. Not, of course, short enough for me. After Ben got up from his nap and said he was feeling much better, I was hoping I’d seen the backside of the throwing up. When he said, “I feel weird,” I answered a bit flippantly, “Not like, ‘I’m going to throw up weird’ right?” and with my back to him, only to turn and see him doing just that all over the couch and carpet. Sigh. Note to self: Non sequiturs in sick children are often precursors to puke. (There’s a notorious story in my family of when I was three and came into my parents’ bedroom early in the morning to say, “Mommy, my feet are hot,” and then puke all over their water-bed.)

Here’s hoping there’s no flu at your house.

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