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As of May 1, your Arizona Realtor of choice (hopefully yours truly) will be using a new contract. Every few years the Arizona Real Estate Commission gets together to rework the approved contract. They take any bugs that have been found or any loopholes that have been abused and smooth them out. Wording is changed to improve clarity and to remove any possible misunderstanding about how the process will work. It’s generally a positive change for all. I’m sure, however, that there will be a period of adjustment. Personally, I have only been using the previous contract for a short time, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble switching over to the new one. More seasoned agents who have become totally comfortable with the old contract, though, may have a tougher time getting into the groove of the new contract. So use me! Just kidding… the new contract really should not present any problems in your home buying process, but it is something to be aware of. Make sure your Realtor goes over all of what you are signing with you (of course, this is always a good rule of thumb, even when we’re not in a contract transition). Know all of the nuances of what you’re signing. If it doesn’t make sense, ask questions. Make your agent earn his or her commission!

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