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It’s giving me gas…

OK, I filled up today and it cost me $32.73. Thirty-two dollars and seventy-three cents for my little bitty, energy efficient Corolla?!!! I am sure you all feel my pain. Remember back when if you looked around a bit you could find gas for 99 cents a gallon? It really wasn’t that long ago. I have a vivid memory of buying gas for 99 cents a gallon in Tucson when I was in college, only six years ago, and now you have to work to find it for three times that.

The recent rise in gas prices set my mind to something: my next car will be a hybrid. I have always wanted a hybrid, but this decided it for me. Hybrids are environmentally and economically smart. You can’t beat that. I’m thinking the Hybrid Highlander is where I’m headed.

I think this is a sign of the times changing. It’s unfortunate that the rapid intensification of smog in most urban areas in the United States wasn’t enough of a catalyst for the general population to make more intelligent decisions about transportation, but at least the insane gas prices will have a positive effect on one aspect our country.

Hybrid vehicles are a part of the transformation, but not the whole. In the last week I’ve had several friends mention their employers’ offering telecommuting as an option to combat gas expenses. I have also heard murmurings of people thinking about moving closer to their work places and others making choices to stay in on the weekends rather than drive around wasting gas. All in all, I think the bigger picture will eventually be prettier because of it.

Anyway, until you’ve figured out which gas saving option works best for you, try this site out.

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