The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

It’s been too long…

since I’ve bragged about how cute my kids are. So just to do a little catching up:

We introduced our youngest to the xylophone last night and he’s already mastered it. He’s obviously a musical genius. Isn’t he the sweetest thing when he’s not vomiting? (He has a sensitive stomach.)

I’m offically about a month away from transitioning to full-time real estate agent/mom. I’m so excited to be able to devote all of my time to my new career and watching more closely as my kids get bigger… because really, it happens with such amazing speed. Just a second ago, this was Ben and his grandpa:

And somehow, inexplicably, he’s now almost five years old, getting ready to start kindergarten in a few months.

You just have to watch them all the time, or you’ll turn around and miss everything.

(Or maybe they’ll just eat you up.)

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