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I’m Trying Really Hard To Be Cheerful

I’m having one of those weeks where I feel like I’m failing at everything. I’m trying to juggle 8430 things at once and I just don’t have enough hands (plus I’m a terrible juggler), so they’ve all rained down from the air to the floor around me and instead of picking them all up I’m about to just lay down and make snow angels with them. Does that give you a visual of my frame of mind right now or does it just make me sound like a lunatic? Because either way is probably appropriate.

So yeah. Instead of the real estatey rant I have percolating in my admittedly less-than-totally-sound brain, I’m just going to focus on the things that are currently making me feel cheerful. Thus, without further ado (unless ado has anything to do with lunch, then I would like more ado right now, please), here’s my list of Things That Make Me Happy Despite (Or Possibly Because Of) My Current Insanity:

1. My white-girl client who works in the corporate engineering world and emailed me this morning about a house she wants to see because it’s “phat with a PH.” And yes, I meant to put the quotes after the ‘with a PH’ part because she included that in her email. Even though she typed the word ‘phat’ so the ‘ph’ part is implied.

2. I lost the key to my mailbox over a week ago, so we haven’t gotten any new bills that are stressing me out because I’m not sure how I’m going to pay them in at least a week.

3. The house I showed yesterday that had signs in both of the bathrooms that said, “The owner has requested visitors not use the restroom.” My client noticed the homeowner also hid the toilet paper before she left to walk the dogs around the block to make sure we didn’t relieve ourselves in her toilet. I told my client it was her fault. She’s 5 months pregnant and she looks like a pee-er. She radiates the vibe of someone who if you let her in your house, she’s going to want to urinate. Can’t trust those preggos.

4. Despite the fact that I had two short sale deals that had been languishing like beached whales about to perish spontaneously sprout legs and attempt to eat me alive yesterday and this morning, I’ve managed to get them both coaxed back into the ocean where they belong and on track to close with little to no bodily injury sustained (except, of course to my sanity, which was questionable before).

5. In less than one week my tax appointment will be over. Between now and then there will probably be bloodshed and maybe even death, but at least I can take comfort in knowing my misery has an expiration date.

6. This guy was super cheerful when I drove past today:


No, not the guy on the freeway spraying weed killer. This guy:

See the portly surprised Cactus Man?

Apparently I unconsciously anthropomorphize stuff I see when I’m out driving and don’t realize it until they’ve become a part of my life and I start communicating with them out loud.

It’s not that weird.


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