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I’m Gonna Go To My Happy Place Now

Can we talk about BlogHer again really quick? BECAUSE OMG BLOGHER IS NEXT WEEK.

No, of course I’m not completely freaking out because I haven’t done enough to prepare and I still really have no idea how it’s all going to go and NYC and large groups of people who are all probably already best friends are inherently terrifying… Why do you ask? That doesn’t sound like me at all.

OK, I might be having a small panic attack. Just a little one. So I’m going to make a list of the positives so when the urge to curl into the fetal position and refuse to leave the house to catch my plane grows too strong to fight, I can go back and read this and hopefully my insides will unclench. It’s a preventative measure, is what I’m saying.

The BlogHer Happy Place List

1. I found a sitter to come over and make sure my children don’t organize a militant terrorist faction whose goal is to own and control all of the legos on the planet while I’m gone next week and Jason is at work. This is HUGE. I’ve been nervous about what I was going to do with them since the day I signed up for the conference. This sitter was procured through the amazing and fantastic help of Facebook. People who think Facebook is a navel-gazing waste of time are just shockingly incorrect. Facebook is a navel-gazing time suck that is fantastic when you need a referral, a recommendation, advice or just someone to commiserate with you over how much boxed wine you consume on a regular basis. Yesterday I posted asking for help finding a sitter and within a couple of hours I had old dancer buddies, colleagues, spouses of colleagues and even new dance buddies messaging me with suggestions and personal referrals.

2. I have a whole bunch of really cute outfits to take to NYC. I don’t really have any idea which will be appropriate when, so I might end up wearing a sparkly ball gown to the 5k Saturday morning, but at least I will look cute when I run.

3. I’m really excited about the ‘Pathfinder Day‘ on Thursday, during which I will be attending the ‘Your Blog as a Book Proposal’ track. Because I really want to use my blog as a book proposal. So it seemed appropriate.

4. I’ve hooked up with a group of girls who are going and seem to know what in the hell is going on. I was introduced by a friend of my sister’s from her college swimming career. Again, Facebook was the conduit for this introduction. I don’t really know any of these girls, but now I have their phone numbers so I’m planning to stalk them as soon as I get there and beg them to explain to me exactly how this is all going to go. And maybe make them hold hands with me so it looks like I’m popular and know people.

5. People are saying NYC is like a thing. Like apparently people go there just because it’s fun and awesome and there’s all kinds of cool stuff to do there. So I might be sort of into that.

6. I did get invited to one of the private parties. I’m 90% sure I got the invite because of the group of girls I was introduced to (but I’m not 100% sure because I’m afraid to ask on the chance it will make me look like an idiot. My transformation to 13 year old girl is officially complete). But the point is, when I get there and at the first session they tell everyone to stand up and then tell all the people who’ve been invited to a private party to sit down, I won’t be the only dopey person in the room still standing. Which is good because I had a nightmare like that once and it was unpleasant.

7. Katie Couric and Martha Stewart are two of the keynote speakers. How cool is that? I feel like Martha might teach us how to make a shiv and hide it in your bra so if a riot breaks out in prison you aren’t left unarmed. Which is seriously useful information. I’m really looking forward to her talk.

8. I have several friends who are going to be in NYC the same time I am for a few different reasons. I’ve made tentative plans to meet up and do fun things. (A couple of these people I went to high school with, but didn’t really know, or didn’t know at all back then. We’ve connected and bonded over [wait for it…] Facebook. One of my favorite new things is to make friends with people I went to high school with who I didn’t actually know back then. It’s weird/interesting to have a shared childhood but not really get to know each other until we’re adults.)

9. My mom and I totally going to see a show!!! *SQUEE* I mean, right?

Whew. So it’s going to be fun, don’t you think? I’m pretty sure I won’t actually need to sleep the entire time I’m there because there will be so many things to do. Even if I don’t know any of the other bloggers yet. I’m going to be social and hand out a million cards. And when anyone asks what my blog is about, I’m going to say, “It’s about awesomeness. And if you were really that cool you’d already be reading it.” That’s totally the way to make friends, right?


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