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If Only the Children Would Stop Throwing Up

It’s been one of those weeks. Sick kids, appointments with specialists, showings and new clients have eaten up all of my time and energy and I’ve been taking it out on my website. Shame on me. I do, however, anticipate a brand new listing this weekend to give you information about. I promise it will be up as soon as I have it in my hot little hands!

To tide you over, I have a couple of mortgage rate tidbits:

1. Mortgage rates are at a 2.5 year high, you may have heard. They are still historically quite low. The 30-year fixed is at about 6.5% and the 15-year fixed is at 6.125% (according to my in-house lender, Chad Peare with Hamilton Mortgage). So if you’re thinking of buying; sooner, rather than later, might be a good idea. Some analysts are predicting the rates will be up to 7% by year end. I did, however, hear the same thing last year, so, grain of salt, people, is all I’m saying.

2. I learned something interesting this week from another mortgage broker I know (Maria Gonzalez – Pacific Coast Mortgage, email:, cell: 602-525-4347). If you are trying to obtain a loan to purchase a condo or other ‘apartment-style’ dwelling, a property on the first floor will have a lower interest rate than a property on a higher floor. In the case she was researching for one of my clients, the difference was almost .5%. That much interest can make a huge difference in your monthly payments. It’s something to keep in mind.

And a for the baby-lovers out there:


Sometimes Gray gets so tired from his exhausting routine of trashing the house, terrorizing the cats and pulling his brother’s hair that he just needs a little rest.

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