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I Heart Tucson

Jason and I got back yesterday from a weekend trip down to our alma matter. It was a birthday gift from my parents: a weekend at a resort in the foothills of Tucson and babysitting to go with. It was heavenly.

We love Tucson, which I know, isn’t a popular opinion of Phoenicians. Most think it’s ‘that dusty hole down South’, but we totally disagree. Tucson is the quintessential desert town. There are saguaros everywhere and hardly a single grassy lawn to be found. The food is amazing and an artistic sensibility permeates the city. At night even the stars are brighter in Tucson because there are so few street lights to dull the sky. We love Tucson.

Anyway, the highlights of the trip were:

Our trip to the UAMA (University of Arizona Museum of Art), which we used to do all of the time. It’s a little museum, but it has a fabulous permanent collection that includes several amazing works that are worth even just a quick stop in.

They have a gorgeous Rothko:


And this awesome piece by an Israeli artist named Yakov Agam in 1954. It’s a wood, enamel and paint installation/sculpture. This is three views of the same work:




In the downstairs gallery, they have shows that change regularly. This one was Book Art. It was illustrations of different works of literature by different artists. My favorite was an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Salvador Dali (such an appropriate pairing, don’t you think?):



Every time we visit Tucson we always make time for a quick stop by the art department. We love the museums, sure, but it also holds sentimental value for us both. Jason was a Visual Communications major and spent most of his time taking classes in the art building and I was a photography minor, so I spent a fair amount of time there as well. We actually met in a beginning level art class that was a prerequisite for both of our degree programs. And he proposed in the courtyard of the art department.


They planted all of these trees my Junior (Jason’s Senior) year. We remember walking through that courtyard and them being so small they offered no shade at all. We were amazed to go back this time and see them so huge.

So it was a totally enjoyable trip. We even managed to squeeze in a trip to an open house on the ‘scenic route’ we took up to our hotel:


I think I could live in Tucson. But then again, after about 24 hours there I missed my kids and my house. So for now we’ll stay in Phoenix and visit Tucson.

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