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How To Talk Politics in a Civilized Manner…

… even if you’re pretty certain you’re on opposite sides of the fence.

Phone call between me and my girl, Lizzie, yesterday:

Lizzie: What are you doing?

Me: Oh, just filling out my stupid early voting ballot. I’m trying to read up on all the propositions, but I don’t even understand half of them.

Lizzie: I know, I was looking at mine earlier. And no where on the thing does it give a deadline of when you have to mail it by.

Me: RIGHT? I was totally looking for that, too. And all the judges. Like I have time to individually research 25 judges and whether I feel like they’re doing a good job.

Lizzie: Totally; it’s ridiculous. But it seems like it’s going to be… close… so I feel like I need to get my vote in.

Me: Yeah, it does seem to be a tight race… I would feel like an asshole if I didn’t support… the cause … and actually vote and then we lose.

Lizzie: Right? Every vote counts… for your candidate. You know, the one who you’re voting for.

Me: And we definitely want to support our candidate. Because he’s the one we want to win.

Lizzie: It’s so great that we’re always on the same page.

Me: I know, right?


See, Facebook? It CAN be done.

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