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Houses are Like People – No One's Perfect

Now that buyers have started to get the message that now really is a fabulous time to buy (tax credits, low prices and low interest rates, oh my!), we’ve begun to encounter a new problem with getting people into homes.

There is still so much inventory out there (about 10 times as many houses on the market in metro-Phoenix right now as when I started in the business four years ago) that buyers are a little overwhelmed about how to start.

With so many houses on the market to choose from, and new houses coming on the market that fit the criteria they are looking for every day, buyers have gotten a little paralyzed by the idea that the ‘perfect’ house is out there.

I’m here to tell you now: No house is perfect. It’s the honest truth. Every house will have a flaw, whether it is a little bit farther than you want to drive, a tad more expensive than you wanted to spend, with an outrageous HOA, or without that fifth bedroom you always wanted, something about it will be less than ideal, I promise.

Case in point:

I have a client who I’ve been showing property to for about 6 months. We’d seen probably 250 houses. We’d made offers on 10ish that had not worked out for various reasons. We finally found THE HOUSE. A house in the neighborhood they really wanted to be in. A house priced how they needed it to be priced. A house with the same layout as one we had previously made an offer on (and not gotten) but in better condition, with new paint and carpet and on a cul-de-sac. It was plumbed for a gas stove like the husband wanted, and backed to a golf course. It was PERFECT.

We made a decent offer on this house and actually had our offer accepted. The home inspector pronounced it in nearly perfect condition and the termite inspector left me a voicemail that if I ran across another like it, he might be interested personally. Everything was going as smooth as ice.

Then the week before we were set to close escrow, the husband drove by the house and stopped to talk to one of the neighbors…. who mentioned the ‘scorpion problem’ in the neighborhood. And, you know, that’s when all hell broke loose.

The husband (on my suggestion) took a black light over to the house that night after dark to the back yard to attempt to dispel this rumor about scorpions that the neighbor was peddling. Instead, he found 12 (that’s right, TWELVE) scorpions on the walls of the block fence and sides of the house.


(Sorry, just needed a moment.)

Don’t worry, folks, we went back the next night and I let him in to the house with the black light. We didn’t find any scorpions inside the house. So the buyers are still buying (set to close tomorrow) and are going to have the house professionally sealed the day after close of escrow (the husband has been out to the house every night since killing every scorpion he finds in the back yard).

But the point is: No house is perfect. Each house is beautifully different and flawed, just like people.

Speaking of which, no scorpions in our new, fabulous, newly build house (WITH a fifth bedroom), but it IS a bit on the far side AND we found a field mouse in the garage today. SIGH.

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