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Holy crap and a half: IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. My new website is done!

I know, you totally thought it would never happen. You were predicting a status change on my facebook account any day now from ‘Married’ to ‘It’s complicated’, and then another in a few months to ‘Single’ while my poor pathetic website languished in 2005-design-land, weren’t you? You have no faith in my dear webmasting husband.

It’s ok. I had my own moments of loss of faith. Sadly, my husband and I both know if I divorced him I’d be screwed. Who on Earth would put up with me if he wasn’t around? I don’t know many men who would work all day on a Saturday and then stay at the office until 2AM finishing up his wife’s new website just because she announced in desperation, “I’m going to tear out all of my hair and eat it if you don’t get it done this weekend. And once I finish mine I will start on yours. In. Your. Sleep.”

But that is all in the past! It’s done and it’s glorious. Yes, yes, there’s still some features forthcoming. We’re going to beef up the MLS search and add a mortgage calculator. And I’m sure there will be some tweaks here and there in the upcoming weeks (months, years). Whatever. Right now I’m basking in the beautiful glow. He’s soo talented, doncha think? *Preening*

To celebrate the new look, name and function here at Real Estate Tangent I’m doing a contest/giveaway! The winner will receive a $25 gift card to Paradise Bakery (my favorite wifi/writing/gaining 10lbs eating lemon cookies and tomato soup spot) and a Real Estate Tangent t-shirt.

There are four ways to enter:

1. Comment on this post.

2. Like the new Real Estate Tangent Facebook fan page.

3. Comment on this post on facebook.

4. Retweet this post on twitter.

Every person gets one entry. If I have more than 50 people enter, I will pick two winners (and an additional winner for every additional 50 people, she said, wildly optimistically). Tell your friends, People, this is some good shit. Free cookies and sammies and whatnot. And a t-shirt you could totally wear to workout in.

Please tell me what you love, don’t get and/or would change about the new site. I’d love your feedback. Happy New Website day to you too!!

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