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Happy Closing Day!

Today we are closing on the second of my good friend, and current client’s houses. Woo hoo! I have spoken with the title company and they are waiting on the wired funding from the Mortgage company, and I have spoken with the Mortgage company, who has sent the funds. So, right at this moment we are waiting for the money, which is floating through space, to make it to it’s destination, so the title company can record the deed and close escrow. There’s absolutely no one I can call and urge to hurry up or beg to do their job. We just have to wait. Which is not easy.

I know my client is feeling tense right now because she currently officially owns no houses. They are leasing-back their old house through Friday (it closed yesterday) and will close on their new house some time today. I can completely understand this stress. Every single one of my clients has said to me at some point, “I’m homeless!” All of the transactions I have done so far have been double-sided and have included a short lease-back, so that my clients could close on their old house and therefore have the money to buy their new house. It’s actually the easiest way for the whole thing to be set up, because then they don’t have to move twice, but it does involve this little moment of panic. It’s a natural reaction.

See it’s difficult for those of us who are control-freaks. I can say this about my current client, because she knows it, and hey, I am totally one too, and I know it as well. We’ve discussed before that we think it has something to do with our birth order. We’re both first children. But I digress. Real estate is a bucking bronco. Most of the time you can’t tell it where to go, you just have to hold on tight and hope you stay on top. Deep breaths, for those of us who aren’t good at not being in charge.

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