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Glutton For Punishment

Well, the renovation bug has bitten me again. The master bath is *almost* done. I know, I know, it’s ridiculous. We started the whole thing back in July and it’s still under construction. Although, I have to say, Jason has done an amazing job and an insane amount of highly skilled, detailed work. He’s been up in the attic the last four nights in a row installing the extra lights to make the bathroom bright enough for me to do my make up. Check it out (ignore the mess, like I said, it’s *almost* done):


Pretty, right? I’m in love with the whole thing. Those mirrors swing open to reveal extra deep cabinets with outlets inside. I also love the new Ikea towel rack:


And the racks above the toilet (Jason bought me those cute brown baskets for Christmas with this location in mind):


Anyway, now that the lights are working, pretty much all he has left to do is finish up some painting (the ceiling) and put the door on to the shower room. Oh, and there’s the small matter of the transition between the tile and carpet of our bedroom, but we’re still in talks over it. Regardless, I already love my new bathroom (now if I could only get the tools our of our bedroom…).

So the near completion of the bathroom has gotten me antsy for the start of the kitchen. Obviously, because of the time it has taken my perfectionist husband to complete the bathroom, we have decided to hire a contractor to handle the kitchen. Jason just couldn’t get it done in a reasonable amount of time with everything else he has going on, and I cannot live without a working kitchen for a year or so. Or really, even for more than about a month.

Yesterday, in an attempt to do some quick Internet research, I filled out a survey on this site, and within hours, was contacted by two different contractors who wanted to bid on our kitchen remodel. They both will be coming by on Thursday (one in the AM and one in the PM) to take measurements and talk about what we are interested in. I seriously can’t wait to have a pretty kitchen! We are absolutely going to gut the thing. I’m thinking about having a ‘Goodbye Kitchen’ party and then not letting anyone see the inside of my house until it’s totally done, and having another ‘Meet the New Kitchen’ party. I think it would be fun to not let anyone see it as it progresses. Don’t worry, though, I will take pictures along the way!

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