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Garage Sale!

Yep, it’s the final signal that I have completely succumbed to both adulthood and all things suburbia: we are holding a garage sale.

Basically, what is comes down to, is the fact that my house has been shrinking in upon itself as a result of the unnecessary stuff we have stuffed in it. We have extra furniture, clothes we haven’t worn in years and knickknacks up to our eyeballs. I’m not a pack rat, but somehow we’ve let the junk go too far, and I’m ready to purge.

Plus, Jason promised me if I cleared out our closet and got rid of the ancient set of drawers we’ve been using, he’ll give me THE ENTIRE CLOSET and we can buy him an armoire at Ikea for his clothes. Did you catch that? THE WHOLE CLOSET FOR MYSELF. I almost wet myself with excitement when he told me that. Whew. You can bet I spent the next two hours after those words left his mouth cleaning out the closet and making Garage Sale signs on neon poster board.

Seriously, I already feel better about the declutterification (I swear it’s a word; from the Latin: Clutterfy, an insect which flaps its wings in crowded offices to spread about paper in an elaborate mating ritual). I’ve finally found all of the hangers that I buy at the grocery store every week that just seem to be sucked into oblivion with the left socks. They were hanging up that bright red one shoulder tank top sweater I bought once, to wear for Valentines Day… and wore, once, for Valentines Day and that purple faux suede dress I thought I would totally find an occasion to wear to, and, well, didn’t, except that Halloween when I wore it to be a hip Vampire.

So, my point is, if you were totally looking for an ancient dresser with drawers that are hard to open smoothly, but adorably lined with wrapping paper from my oldest son’s baby shower, or a lonely, shoulder-impaired sweater (that I realized only after wearing kind of makes me look fat and like a gal who belongs on Van Buren at the same time), come to our house on Saturday (the 28th of January, for those of you keeping score) between 7 AM and 2 PM! Take the 60 to Dobson, go South until you’re right across from the Dobson Ranch Branch Library (about a mile), look for the neon Garage Sale signs and follow them to us and our junk!

I’ve been saving this baby since high school, but now she’s all yours:

(I know, I should totally blog at night when I’m completely exhausted more often! I’m way more willing to embarrass myself then.)

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