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Foxy Roxy

I have to make a small deviation from my usual path of real estate, kids, recipes and crafts today to mention something that is totally freaking me out: my best friend from 6th and 7th grade is on The Apprentice! Check this out:


This gorgeous gal and I, back when she was Roxy and I was Liz, spent most of our time ditching band practice (we both played the clarinet), manipulating our sixth grade teacher, Mr. Smith and fixing the computers in the other sixth grade classrooms so that everyone else could also play Oregon Trail. In seventh grade we locked ourselves in a practice room in the chorus classroom for a semester and recorded, from memory, the entire script to the movie Heathers. She was always brilliant, assertive (and if you know her you know that’s the understatement of the year) and hilarious. I’m so proud of her! So far she has been the epitome of grace, intelligence and composure on the show. I’m totally rooting for her!

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