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Family Photos – Old, New and Ridiculous

I’ve been meaning to post these:

This is an outtake from a photo session with Jason’s family over New Years. We were setting up for what was meant to be a ‘goofy’ shot, which is why I’m sitting on Jason’s shoulders. Of course I like this one better than the actual goofy picture. Worth mentioning:

1. Bennett (front, left, seated cross-legged) is setting up for his shtick, which was a yogi-style ‘ohmmm’ pose. I feel like we’re in for a decade or so of watching him perform at amateur night in comedy clubs starting in about 8 years. Hopefully by then he’ll have worked out the difference between being funny and just insulting people.

2. My sister-in-law, Julene (in the grey sweater)’s fiance, Nick, all but disappeared in the mayhem. You can see a bit of his arm if you look close, but otherwise he’s been completely eclipsed.

3. Jonas (front and center in light blue) clearly knows he’s about to get crushed to death, but he’s been so successfully brainwashed by bribery and threats he can’t bring himself move from his designated spot or look away from the camera.

4. Gray (front right in green)’s face is my very favorite part of this picture.

5. My father-in-law, Kenny (in yellow) is totally oblivious to anything amiss.

Julene and Nick got engaged!!

My mother turned 60 a couple of weeks ago. I broke into my parents’ house while they were at work to find some old photos of her to scan in and have printed for a ’60 Years of Kathleen’ poster. Unfortunately my burglar skillz are lacking and once I took down a bunch of photos I couldn’t remember how they went back. Luckily my mom just thought it was her cleaning people stealing from her. This is my favorite of the photos I hadn’t seen before. She looks like a princess.

And last, but only least in size: my brand new nephew, Henry Robert Tolar! How damn cute is he?

As of five days ago my brother is now a father. And because becoming a parent is really only something you can wrap your brain around when it’s actually happened to you, we’re now regularly getting texts from Bobby and my sister-in-law, Erin, that amount to: Damn, newborns like NEVER SLEEP! and Dude, strollers are a pain in the ass and it takes a really long time get out of the house when you have a tiny baby! Who knew?! I’ve so far been successful in resisting the urge to say, “Can we please now rewind to 11 years ago when you and your friends were wearing my nursing bras on your heads because you thought it was just. that. hilarious. and have a small amount of empathy for me?”

My sister and I are heading to SF (because no one but tourists call it San Fran) to meet tiny baby Henry (who already has 4839 nicknames like ‘The Hankinator’ and ‘The Big HRT’) in three weeks and I CANNOT WAIT.

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