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Early Bird Gets The Worm

Houses Shown: 8
Pretty Fabulous Deals Found: 3
Motor Vehicles That Weren’t Mine I Was Allowed to Operate: 1

I took a buyer out last Saturday in the North Scottsdale/Desert Ridge area. My client has been renting in the McDowell Mountain Ranch area (or ‘The MMR’ if you’re a cool kid and hang out there a lot) and she would really prefer to buy in that area. Unfortunately, she also really likes new builds. She told me a few weeks back that if she could just build new in The MMR, that would be PERFECT! I told her they should probably just bulldoze off the top of the McDowells, and put a community up there, don’t you think? It probably wouldn’t hack off the environmentalists or anything. The HOA, though, you don’t want to get in trouble with them. They get cranky if you paint the house the wrong shade of Desert Sand; they probably would write a REALLY mean letter if you removed the scenic mountain views. We can’t have that. Thus the quandry: Resale and probably needing work in The MMR, or New and Fabulous but at Desert Ridge.

We did, however, find several decent candidates in both categories, and we reaffirmed my understanding that well-priced houses in all price ranges are going fast. For example:

1. This cutie on Rockingham:

Is a new build by Del Webb (a division of Pulte) at Fireside at Desert Ridge. We orginally saw it back in December when it fell out of escrow with the buyer who had been building it. The original buyer had ordered a bunch of fancy upgrades like hammered plank hardwood floors, plantation shutters and travertine everywhere (there wasn’t carpet anywhere in the house). When we saw it they wanted $475,000 for it. It came on to the MLS last week at $434,990. By the time we got out to see it it had been snatched up. They do, however, still have several nicely upgraded specs at really fabulous prices (AND, apparently if you’re really nice and look totally trustworthy they might even let you drive the golf cart to go see the specs! Completely worth the trip just for that).

2. This MMR single-level on Caribbean:

Is not super upgraded (laminate counters, older appliances, needs paint) but pretty move-in ready and exceedingly well-priced at $330,000 (I’m not even going to tell you what another client of mine paid for exactly the same model 2 years ago). It had been on the market 8 days when we saw it and the Realtor Remarks on the listing said to hold all offers until Monday because the seller was out of town. Monday I checked in to see if we could see it one more time and they had 3 offers and a bidding war going.

3. The last fabulous deal we saw wasn’t right at all for my buyer because the yard is 90% pool and it has some traffic noise issues (backs to 105th and MMR Road) and needs paint, carpet, appliances and nicer counters, but priced at $307,900 for more than 1900 square feet, 3 bedrooms plus an office and with a pool in McDowell Mountain Ranch, I think it was the best of the bunch, investment-wise:

Yes, it would need some money into it to get going, but in these times of recession, I can see this as an excellent rental property. It’s still showing as ‘Active’ in the MLS, but I would be surprised if it doesn’t have any offers on it currently.

Clearly deals AND buyers are still out there, so if you see something you like, jump on it!

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