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Duh, Mom

A couple of evenings ago I was feeling the need for a little bit of peace and quiet while I made dinner. It had been a long day of phone calls to tie up a deal and my kids were especially loud and restless. So I agreed to put on a movie for them while I worked in the kitchen.

Me (to Ben, who’s five): You can watch Ice Age, but keep your brother entertained while I’m making dinner, OK?

Ben: Duh, Mom, I don’t have to keep him entertained, the TV will entertain him, that’s what it’s for!

Yeah… quick learner, that one. That was my cue to get that kid out and intellectually stimulated for a day, at least to wake his brain up from the slumber of summer break. So today we took a trip over to the Arizona Science Center in Heritage Square.

I highly recommend it. We had a great time. It was just the two of us because Jason and Gray left this morning to take a trip out to Michigan to visit Jason’s grandfather (Ben starts kindergarten Monday, so we stayed behind). I was glad we didn’t have the baby, because Ben was all over the place and it was fun to be able to devote all of my attention to him. We saw a movie about natural disasters, watched a live demonstration of the dissection of a cow’s eye and ran around in the new Sesame Street themed exhibit, The Body. It was lots of fun. If your kid is between the ages of three and twelve, try it out, you’ll enjoy yourself too!

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