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Divert Your Eyes From the Failure and Focus on the: NEW WINNER!

I know, I know, I totally owe the final Arcadia Dream House post. Like yesterday. I completely inhale. Here’s the thing: Christmas is seriously kicking my ass. In fact, Christmas isn’t even kicking my ass yet; Christmas is waiting in line to kick my ass. Life, Work, 5th Grade Homework and (Not-Unexpected-But-Still-Sad-and-Complicated) Death in the Family are currently beating me to a pulp in a gang-like fashion with brass knuckles and nun chucks. Christmas is standing behind them, 10 feet tall with a shaved head and a menacing looking on his face. He’s tapping his watch and saying, ‘I’m going to give you guys about 3 more minutes and then I’m going to stomp on you and really start in with the wailing on her.’

So yeah. I haven’t started shopping yet. And my cards aren’t stuffed and labeled and mailed yet. And there are too many more things to even list that need to be done. So what am I doing? Well I’ve totally given up and I’m just screwing around with immense creative projects that wouldn’t even get done if I HADN’T waited till the very last nanosecond to do anything and everything this year. Because that’s how I cope. I learned it from my mother.

Anyway. I will post the Arcadia Dream House wrap up. Probably tomorrow. Ish. I’m no longer promising anything (she promised, learning no lessons from past failures).

I do have a small confession I need to get out of the way today, however (I have to use ‘however’ at least once a post or my eyelid starts to twitch). So my new awesome website? Apparently some trained professional should have tested me for my operating license before just wantonly handing over the keys. It’s now clear I didn’t totally have a handle on how to work the thing before I busted it out.

The day I rolled out the new site and ran that contest where you just had to leave a comment to enter? Well, I had some box checked in the new WordPress back area thingy that put all of the comments from people who’d never commented on my site before into a ‘moderation queue’. And that moderation queue sent notification emails of these comments to some random email address my web designer set up for me in case I ever wanted to use it, but then I told him I didn’t and he didn’t delete it.

Last Friday as I was getting ready to post what I had just written I noticed a comment ‘awaiting moderation’ on the left-hand side of my screen. That continuous banging sound you hear for about 10 minutes Friday afternoon? Was my head. On the computer. Echoing across the state of Arizona. It’s total marketing genius to host a contest to draw new traffic to your blog and then not respond to comments from all of the new people who stopped by. I actually had a client email me that she thought I was mad at her for her comment and so she’d been censuring herself ever since. *GAH* I blame the professionals for my lack of skill and licensure.

So what this all comes down to is there were a bunch of people who never got included in the drawing. And actually, we made it up over 100 entries, so I really should have done three drawings anyway. Tomorrow I will put together a list of everyone in the comments that were lost in the Never-Never Land that is my own stupidity and pull another winner.

Yay! Another winner!

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