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'Distressed' Property

Miles Driven (Saturday and Sunday): 275
Price Range Viewed: $85,000-$1,699,000
Hours Spent in the Car: 12
Mammalian Bodily Fluids I Came Too Close For Comfort To: 2 (At Least)

I’m still immersed in a buyer crunch; showing property at all free moments. This weekend I went from Maricopa, to South Gilbert and Chandler, to North Scottsdale and finally Cave Creek (or as I fondly refer to it, South Flagstaff).

Saturday, my client and I started out in a house in Maricopa with a great layout we’d even seen before. It was a 3000+ square foot foreclosure property. Usually, with foreclosures the bank will, at the very least, send a crew in to toss all of the trash in the house, and sometimes will clean and paint the property. Not so much with this house. This house was pretty clear of debris, but it had a nice little crime scene on the floor of the kitchen:


Yes, that appears to be blood. It was splashed up on the wall in the kitchen also. We CSI-fans refer to that as ‘blood splatter’. My client actually said to me, “Do you think someone was killed here?” Nice.

The other winning house of the weekend was a cute little number over in Gilbert. We’d already tried to view this one twice, but it had tenants in the house who weren’t willing to let us in to see it unless they were there. The agent eventually had the tenants evicted and today was the first time we were actually able to get inside to view. I’m not sure I would say it was worth the wait.

I’ve never encountered such an intense odor when walking into a house before. I’ve been in lots of stinky houses, and even houses my client wanted to leave immediately because of the stench, but with this house, it was like a cat was actively peeing into my nostrils (and let me tell you, I’m not a wuss about this smell. We have three cats and occasionally they get annoyed with us and pee in the house.):


We had to cover our mouths and noses when walking through the house. I started taking pictures immediately and when I encountered quizzical looks from my client and her mother and explained, ‘for my blog,’ my client said, “It’s too bad you don’t have ‘smell-o-vision’ on your blog”. True.

But the house was worth the full trip through. Bizarrely enough, the cat pee throughout the house was not the worst feature. No, the house sits on one of those Gilbert fissures you hear about that created a crack in the foundation significant enough to cause this:


Um… wow. So, my client’s not making an offer, if you can believe that. And the crime scene house is staying on the market too.

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