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Cute New West Mesa Listing

Average Lot Size of a New Build in Metro Phoenix: 5000 Square Feet
Lot Size of This Cutie House on Kiva: 7187 Square Feet
Miles This House Sits Outside of the Tempe Boarder: 2.5
Approximate Dollars Per Square Foot Cheaper It Is Because of This 2.5 Miles: 29

I have a great new listing off of Baseline and Country Club. Check it:

It’s your basic older starter home in a central location. I have to warn you that it is a short sale. I know, I know, it’s a touch ironic (or is it just unfortunate?) that I’ve been extolling the woes of short sales this week only to list one like 3.5 minutes later. That’s right, have a good chuckle.

So no, it’s not going to be as easy to purchase as a normal sale, or probably even as smooth-sailing as a foreclosure, but I can promise you that I’ve actually closed a few short sales before AND that I’m going to make well sure my clients and their attorney are happy with the approval letter before we let the buyer know it is time to have the house inspected and appraised.

This house has been moderately remodeled. It has a new in 2007 kitchen with a stone back-splash and stainless steel appliances. It has a nice big laundry room with a counter and cabinet and a huge walk-in pantry. It has 4 decent sized bedrooms and a nice big backyard.

Yes, the house is in Mesa. You’d be surprised how many clients I have worked with who just don’t like the idea of Mesa. Mesa doesn’t have the hip reputation of Tempe or Scottsdale and it’s not generally thought to be as new and upcoming family destination like Chandler and Gilbert. It’s kind of the red-headed stepchild of the East Valley. I, however, am a born and raised Mesonite (yep, just totally made that word up) and I understand the true, unappreciated, undervalued fabulousness that is Mesa.

I grew up just along the inside of Mesa border where it sits against Tempe and Chandler. I had all the benefits of a central lifestyle, without the higher taxes and price tag of either. No really, check it out:

The circles are Tempe’s average monthly price per square foot and the triangles are Mesa’s. Look at how much crazy-pants lower Mesa it! Gotta love that!

So in these dollar-conscious recessional times of ours, how can you not love the value that Mesa-almost-practically-Tempe gets you? That’s all I’m saying! Come check out my new listing. Now. Cause I said so.

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