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Crimes of Our Youth

A girlfriend on Facebook posted a picture of her son the other day with the comment that she wanted to explain to his teachers she had not personally picked out his clothes, in fact, she was allowing him to assert his independence by choosing his own attire for the day. I feel her pain.

I would like to develop a line of stickers that read, “Please do not hold my mother’s taste accountable for my ensemble. She lets me dress myself.” These are stickers we would covertly affix to our child’s back when giving him a hug before he walks out the door for school. Then we could all go about our days knowing the teachers and other mothers aren’t judging us for our children’s fashion crimes.

I need one today:

Really, Dude? Camo + brown and red plaid? You’re such a cute kid and yet you’re causing pain to my sense of style in addition to my corneas. *OW OW OW*

(Jonas gets a pass on this one because at least both of his clothing items contain colors from the blue family. See how far my standards have fallen?)

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