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Coming Soon, To a Computer Near You!

Strap yourself in and get ready for some excitement over here at This week everything’s going to change. If you’re anything like me and change makes you feel like you’re trapped in a plane that’s going to land in 30 minutes and has begun it’s decent, but you really have to pee (uncomfortable) then you probably want to get a paper bag out to breathe into just so you’re ready. Things are about to get all freaky up in here.

Stuff that will be different when you visit here on Wednesday (I think, Wednesday. I’m not in charge of this ship; my husband’s the captain. And he has a less firm grasp on timelines than I do, so it could be Thursday, but we’re gonna shoot for Wednesday):

1. The Look – My web-designing artist of a husband has been slaving over a gorgeous new and modern layout. We’re currently arguing over a shade of yellow I think leans a bit far into the ‘urine’ color-palate for my taste, but otherwise, it’s looking pretty rad and I’m excited to show it off.

2. The Name – Honestly, it’s been so long, I can’t remember what my motivation for using as my website was. It may have been, ‘Well it’s my name. And if people know my name, they’ll know who to ask information for when they call to try to find me so I can be their real estate agent.’ Or something else equally arbitrary. Now that my site has really found its identity, I’ve decided to go with something more appropriate: Real Estate Tangent. Because I like to write tangentially about real estate. will now redirect to (On a tangential note: I tried to buy and got a nasty-gram from the National Association of Realtors because ‘Realtor’ is a registered trademark and I’m not allowed to use it to brand myself. Which I should have known, but it still bummed me out. And it also explained why no one owned yet. Duh.)

3. Showing Snapshots – I’ve been tweeting and facebooking the last couple of weeks about a new photo feature I’m adding to the site. I have a decent camera, but I’m still learning the ins and outs of using it on manual, but I’ve been taking pictures during my showings to post in a Flickr stream that will be linked to the site. These pictures are of basically anything I think is interesting, pretty, gross, disturbing or awesome (I’m especially fascinated by the ‘interesting’ and ‘disturbing’, in case you couldn’t tell).

4. About Me – Many, many, MANY of you have emailed me at various times over the last three years (including as recently as last week) to point out that I have omitted one of my sons from my bio on the right side of the site. I am aware of this. It’s not an oversight; I just don’t recognize him as a son, because he acts like an animal. He’s really just like the family puppy. Kidding, kidding. I wrote that five years ago and by the time he was born I was ready for a new site and I’ve been nagging my husband for the last three years just to redo EVERYTHING. So I refused to just rewrite the bio because it was representative of just how dated my site was. I could always go to him when I felt like getting into a fight about when my new site would be done and say, “It’s doesn’t even have Jonas listed as our child, that’s how much you don’t love me and him also.” I know, I know; I’m a brat, but hey, my site is getting done! It worked! My husband will never learn that it’s counter-productive to reward bad behavior.

There are lots of other fun new bits to the site, but those are the big things I’m really excited about. I will be running a fun contest on the day the site launches (Wethurday) with PRIZES. You’re going to want to come back for that, I know it. See you then!

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