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Isortofwanttowritethisentirepostlikethis, all jammed together with no spaces, because that’s how I’m feeling right now, but it seems like it might be sort of a turn off for my legions and legions of readers. So I won’t.

The point is, the ‘normal’ level of chaos has ratcheted up 3 notches between work being insane, trying to keep up with all of my hobbies and the fact that:

Last Friday Jonas had off of school because his montessori observed Good Friday, but Bennett and Gray had school because the Mesa Public School District decided Easter was too early this year.

Monday Jonas also had off because his school takes every holiday and adds an extra day.

Tuesday, 17 seconds after I dropped Jonas at school the nurses office at Bennett’s school called to say he needed to be picked up because he was sick.

Wednesday Bennett was also home sick.

Thursday I had ALL THE KIDS IN SCHOOL, but I spent a large part of my day driving to a showing 25 miles from my house with a brand new client, only to realize I’d left my lockbox key at home (which was a career first for me), have to turn around, drive home, turn back around and head back to the house.

And today, Jonas has school, but Gray and Bennett do not. Because the Mesa Public School Distract thinks it would be funny if my head exploded.

So… I’m not doing a real post today. But I did want to get one more quick little plug out there for Ignite Phoenix, the show I’m speaking at on April 26, 7PM. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning (Saturday, April 6) at 10AM and they are expected to sell out fairly quickly.

If you’ve never heard of Ignite, it’s really a super cool thing. It’s local people speaking in a specific format (5 minutes, 20 slides) on something he or she is passionate about. The audience is encourage to participate in social media during and to interact with the presenters before and after. It’s at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts and there will be live bands, food trucks and several bars outside in the courtyard after.

I’ve been to three Ignites and they’re basically just a big party infected with creative energy. They make you want to connect with people and do cool shit. They make you feel like Phoenix really does have the community haters are always saying it lacks.

So… that’s the best I can do today. I have a house to show. And a fun dinner to attend. And an Ignite Presentation to finish writing. And a trapeze class to take. And a run to do. And a child to pick up from school. And…

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