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I’m babysitting my nephew, Colby, today. He’s my sister’s kid and today when I collected him from his dad I was struck by just how much he looks like my sister did when she was this age. Like I remember her looking like this (except with crooked pigtails and a dent in her forehead from where she used to run into walls):

Colby is a super mellow and an easy kid. My sister is pregnant with her second right now and I’m not sure she comprehends the level of chaos that is about to descend upon her house. Because you know; everyone gets an equal amount of devil in their children. The less Colby has, the more baby #2 is bound to encapsulate. It’s just the natural order of the universe.

Colby does have one slightly messy and obnoxious trait. It’s not anything bad enough that I’d want to trade him in or anything (Jonas has at least four of those), but it’s not ideal in public situations. Colby does not decide that he’s full, or no longer thirsty until he actually has food or drink in his mouth. So you can be feeding him mac and cheese for lunch and he will continue to open his mouth like a little bird and accept food until he abruptly decides he will not swallow one single more bite of food, at which time he will open his mouth back up and let food fall out of it. He also does this with his drinks. Today at Paradise Bakery for lunch he took a big drink of water from his sippy cup, swished it around, determined he was no longer thirsty and opened his mouth to let the cloudy water splash down his front and on to the floor. *SIGH*

He’s a fun little bugger, though. The first time I had him at my house without his parents I set him on the floor in the living room with a basket of age-appropriate toys and stepped the 20 feet to the fridge to put away his yogurt, leaving him unmonitored for 8.3 seconds. When I turned back around he had a AA battery in his mouth like a tootise roll.

I’m not sure why his parents let him come back, but I promise he hasn’t ingested anything toxic this time. Yet… I should go check on him.

*Edited to add this picture my dad just sent me of me and my sister so you know I’m not making it up. They could be twins:

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