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Christmas Crafts

I keep meaning to post pictures of the gifts I made for Christmas this year. Here are two of my favorites:

Flower Hat for Kelli

kells hat.jpg

Yep, that’s me modeling it, and yes I have a giant nose. I used this basic pattern for the hat (without the stripes, of course) and then added this flower. I used Laines du Nord’s Korall Fancy yarn in 558. It’s a 100% fine Merino wool. I was very happy with how it turned out.

Hippie Skirt for Sarah


This skirt was for my sister. I used this basic tutorial to make it, although I wanted it lined so the back of the fabric didn’t show, so I used a piece of fabric the same size as the first and stitched them together along the bottom seam with their fronts facing each other. Then I flipped them so the right sides were facing out, before cutting the hole for the waist and stitching on the waistband. The main fabric is from IKEA (did you know they have awesome fabric? Ask, it’s near the bedding department). I loved the way the finished product hangs and moves. I’m planning one for myself right now, with a few adjustments and sequins thrown in.

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