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Professional Real Estate Experts At Your Service: 3
Professional Real Estate Experts At Your Service Named Elizabeth: 2
Awesome TV Shows You’d Miss: NONE (it’s a lame TV night)
Knowledge to be Gained by Attending: Enough to Blow Your Mind (What? Am I Over-hyping?)

My gals, Tekla, the super-hot, hyper-organized, a touch OCD, but completely (and sometimes possibly unintentionally) hilarious Wells Fargo Mortgage Consultant:


Lizzie, my gorgeous, tree-hugging, yoga-loving, maintainer of my sanity and partnering Realtor:

Elizabeth St.Clair

and I are hosting a Real Estate In A Recession seminar in a couple of weeks. You are so lucky because you’re totally invited. We’re going to talk about all things real estate related (Short Sales, Investing, Financing, Tax Credits, Etc) and we will be available to answer any and all questions (but please, people, keep it real estate related, if you want to ask about how we manage to be so pretty and awesome, you’re going to have to send us an email later. Or buy us a cocktail after the seminar).

RE in a Recession Seminar

So come! We’ll try to keep the geeky power-pointing to a minimum and the information easy to digest. Send me a quick email if you plan to attend!

Event: Real Estate In A Recession Seminar
Date: 2/10/2010
Time: 6-7PM
Place: 3930 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite 2, Phoenix, AZ 85048

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