The highs and lows of parenting and real estate.

Chaos as usual…

Whew, life has been rolling along at breakneck speed as usual. Here’s just a quick update to life in the Newlin house:

1. I hosted an open house for my Tempe listing on Saturday. It went well and my cookies and tiny little sodas and waters were quite popular this time (probably because it was up-wards of 105 degrees all day). We did end up receiving and offer and accepting it, to the extreme pleasure of both my clients and me. It seems to be currently holding up in escrow (did you know that more than 30% of all homes that go into escrow right now fall out before closing? The lesson there is that if you really love a house that’s pending, go in with a backup offer, you have a good chance at actually getting it!) and I’m hoping it stays that way. Now we just have to find them a house to buy…

2. My youngest son turns ONE this week!! Thursday to be exact. Prepare yourselves for cake-faced baby pictures on Friday; I can guarantee them.

3. Our bathroom remodel has taken over our lives. The first contractor we had in for a quote didn’t return my emails until over a week after I sent them, and in that time we met with another contractor who quoted the price lower and was willing to start immediately. So Jason spent the weekend demo-ing the bathroom and reinstalling the glass block wall. The new contractor started this morning. I have lots of pictures of the process, unfortunately, I seem to have damaged my photo card reader, so you’ll have to wait for those. We are currently in an ugly stage of the bedroom/bathroom. The endless amount of junk we had in our sink cabinets is in boxes, the bathroom wall still goes straight out to the outside and the room smells faintly of sewage because the contractor (Ed, I will from now on refer to him as Ed) removed the toilet today so he can start tiling tomorrow. So it’s not going to be a pleasant sleeping situation tonight, but I’m SO excited for the end result. Plus it’s just kind of fun to leave for work in the morning and come home and have so much stuff done to it!

So that’s life in our house this week. I’m taking lots of classes right now and learning tons of useful things. I am, as ever, ready and willing to serve your home buying/selling needs. Always call or contact me if you have anything I can help you with! And I promise lots of pictures tomorrow.

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