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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

From showings last week:

The lemon bars I could make with this tree. My muffin top is squealing with joy just thinking about it.

Oh Ceiling Fan, my darling, please don't cry. Someone will buy your house soon and you won't be so lonely anymore.

Not from showings. From my front yard last Friday at sunset:

Sometimes the clouds near my house catch fire and burn until the mountains are black. (See, I can be poetic, too. I might make this an emo-blog and start cutting myself.)

End of December Showing Snapshots

From a house on the water in Dobson Ranch (Mesa) I showed on December 22, 2010:

I want to like this tile. Maybe it just needs a better shower head? Or maybe it just needs to be 1978.

On the water doesn't suck. No, you can't swim in it and you can't eat the fish from it, but you can pretend.

I don't know why there was a cord hanging out of the attic access door in the upstairs bathroom, but it creeped me out.

Fireplace in the family room.

Remodeled ceiling in the living room.

Again, I really want to like these counters and the cabinets. But all I can think about is that it's the #1 and #2 room.

From 7 houses I showed in North Scottsdale December 27, 2010:

This is the view from the balcony I didn't have to climb over and scale down the side of a house.

Holy hail damage, Batman!

I like to think there was no bird on the ground outside this picture window because Mr. Feathers got up, brushed himself off, said 'Ouch' and flew away. Let me have my fantasies, OK?

This was the view from the balcony I DID have to climb over to scale the side of a house to get down.

Real Estate Defininition of the Week

Real Estate Term of the Day (that I made up): The Magic Price

Definition: The perfect price on a house that allows it to outshine all of its competition. Once a house hits this price, all of the complaints potential buyers have made at higher price points suddenly vanish and it becomes the holy grail of homes. Agents will fight each other to get their offer in your hand. Buyers will waive appraisals. It’s like the sweet spot on a baseball bat; the type of pitch doesn’t matter, you know if the ball hits that spot, it’s going to be a home run.

Example: Dude, I just dropped the price on my Power Ranch listing $5K and we got 7 showings and 3 offers in two days… must’ve hit The Magic Price.

Can alternately be used as a verb: I just Magic-Priced that South Scottsdale house. It’ll go this weekend, I just know it.

Last week I hit The Magic Price on two of my listings. With listing #1, this produced a flurry of showings, then second showings, much talk of offers and then finally a contract! With listing #2, again it was raining buyers and phone calls and I got not one, but TWO contracts in the last 24 hours.

Consequently, things have been nutty around here. Twice this weekend my husband said, ‘Make it stop, please!’ to me about the constantly ringing phone. In our hilly North East Mesa neighborhood cell service is spotty at best, so I often give out our landline number to agents I’m working with when I know I’m going to be around the house for a few hours. This resulted in a veritable symphony of rings from my cell, the house phone, and the occasional beeping of a new text message received. To me it’s the sound of The Magic Price doing its job.