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Cat Scratch Fever

We are cat people. I know, I know, half of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Cats? Really? Just when I thought I liked her…” and the other half are going, “AW! I love kitties too!” It’s practically more controversial than religion. Catholics and Jews intermarry all the time, but a dog person sharing his life with a cat gal? Well it just wouldn’t be civilized.

Whatever. My point is, not only are we cat people, but we are up to our ears in feline friends. Until this week we had four cats living inside our house; our two, my sister’s crazy kitten and my Uncle Robin’s giant recluse of a cat. This week my sister came and picked up her cat. We figured life with the cats would quickly settle down. And then this morning Jason woke up with this:


That’s right, at 2 AM one of the idiot cats started chasing another one around the house. The chasee dashed (LOUDLY) across our wood floors and into our bedroom and leaped up to perch on top of our headboard (which has a little ledge) and missed. I sat straight up in bed and Jason didn’t make it up fast enough. She landed on his face. Do you have any idea how shocking it is to be woken from a dead sleep by terrified hairy ball of fluff with 20 outstretched talons landing an inch from your eye? Let me just tell you that the kitties are sleeping in the garage tonight.

I think we may have to convert.

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