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Car Talk

This is probably the conversation a five year old Stephen King had with his mom in the car on the way to Montessori, too:

Jonas: Mom.

Me: Yes.

Jonas: Can we play the car color matching game?

Me: AUGH, I do not want to play the car color matching game.

Jonas: PLEASE, MOM??? Please? You can be white. There’s always lots of whites.

Me: You always cheat.

Jonas: I won’t cheat.

Me: You always say that and then you always change the rules so you win. Maybe tomorrow.

Jonas: Mom.

Me: Yes.

Jonas: Gray has a friend, Ethan, who went on vacation last week.

Me: Oh yeah?

Jonas: Yeah, and he was supposed to be back two days ago….

Me: mhmm…

Jonas: But, Mom, Ethan NEVER RETURNED.

Me: (snerk) That’s ominous.

Jonas: What’s ‘ominous’ mean?

Me: You know, like foreboding…

Jonas: ???

Me: I don’t know how to define it. I suck at defining stuff… Like… something bad is going to happen.

Jonas: OK, well I don’t KNOW this, but Ethan may have DIED.

Me: Oh yeah?

Jonas: Yeah. I’m not saying he definitely did, but he might have.

Me: I don’t think Ethan died.

Jonas: But MAYBE.

Me: Probably not.

Jonas: But he could have.

Me: I guess.

Jonas: Mom.

Me: Yes.

Jonas: How do they make water? Do they like crush up a whole lot of ice?

Me: Yes.

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