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Busy Busy Bees!

Just in case you think I’ve just been lazy lately about not posting and there’s no good reason for it, I have photographic proof to the contrary:

trifecta board.jpg

This is what’s called the Trifecta Board that hangs in my office. It’s basically a monthly tally of agent business. Every time an agent closes a deal, opens escrow on a deal or gets a new listing, they get a line on the board next to their name that corresponds in length to price of the home (I don’t know exactly what the inches to dollars ratio is, but I think the full span of the board represents $500,000).

Jesi and Ben are a team at my office who’ve been in the biz quite awhile and who usually kick everyone’s rears in just about everything (Jesi is also our managing broker at the office). There’s two of them, they work hard, and they know what they’re doing.

I had Lizzie (another agent at my office) take a picture of me in front of the May board, because unless they manage to pull something fabulous out of their hats in the next 8 hours, for the first time, my line is actually longer than their’s! This month I’ve had a closing, two buyers open escrow on homes and have signed three new listings. It’s been a great month! And all of that has taken several of the previous months this year to get going. Thus my total lack of free time.

And really quick for the grandparents in the audience, a few pictures from our first ‘Adventure Day’ of the summer (I’ve designated Thursdays as our get out there and do something new with the kids day of the week to keep the summer fun, this week we went to Tumbleweed Park and we took Gray’s birthday twin and BFF, Cat):


ben climbed a rock.jpg

cat and gray ride.jpg

headed home.jpg

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