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Boys Will Be…

Relevant facts:

1. Jonas is my youngest. He’ll be 6 in September.

2. Colby is my sister’s oldest. He’ll be 3 in September.

3. Jo’s on the small side for his age and and Colby’s on the big side.

Family vacay group picture, 2013. Everyone chose their own spots.

4. Jo and Colby have one of those cousin relationships I’ve always heard about but never personally experienced (my parents were Arizona transplants originally from the midwest and we didn’t live near the small amount of family we had when I was a kid). Colby is the little brother Jo doesn’t have and Jo is the older brother Colby doesn’t have.

Sometimes Jo is furious with Colby for breaking the Lego car he spent an hour building, and sometimes Colby’s his best friend. (Jo is always Colby’s best friend, as a feature of the older brother role at this age.)

5. We made the two of them sleep in the same queen bed this year at vacation. The first night they were crazy and neither really slept. Jo said Colby was bothering him and he didn’t want to sleep with him again. The next night I laid between them to ‘help’ them fall asleep without bugging each other. I was unceremoniously booted from the kids’ room 45 minutes later for snoring. After that Jo and Colby decided anything was better than sleeping with me.

The last morning of vacation, right before we woke them up.

6. Colby’s favorite toy is his Yo Gabba Gabba boombox.

The second to last evening of vacation this year –

Jo: Hey Colby! Colby, come here!

Colby: *Preoccupied with eating and uncharacteristically ignoring Jonas*

Jo: Colby, your Gabba box is out here on the porch. Don’t you want to come see your Gabba box? I found it for you! It’s right here! Don’t you want to come out and see it?

Colby: No, Jo. 

Jo: But Colby, your Gabba box! You love it!

John (Colby’s dad, with tingling spidey-sense)Hey Jo… you’re being awfully nice to Colby about his Gabba box… what’s that about?

Jo: Nothing. Nevermind. *Runs off*

John: Maybe I’ll just go grab the Gabba box from the porch and bring it in for Colby. *Walks outside, picks up the Gabba box, opens it up and finds a three inch long live crawfish just perfectly tucked inside waiting to scare the ever-loving hell out of sweet and loving Colby-pants.*

Oh, Jonas. Someday soon when Colby has a foot and 50lbs on you, you’re going to regret shit like that. But I’m probably gonna let you figure that out for yourself.


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