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Birthday, Part Deux

If you haven’t already traveled the path, I have a bit of parenthood planning advice: make sure your children’s birthdays are not in the same month. I know it sounds charming (“Aw, they’ll both be Cancers, I’m so good with Cancers!” Yep, that was the sad thought running through my head) but by the time the birthday parties roll around and you’ve got two ‘family’ parties and then two ‘kid’ parties all within two and a half weeks, you’ll be banging your head against the wall. Trust me.

Anyway, that rant aside, my eldest turned five (FIVE, I am SO OLD, I can’t believe I have a five year old!) last Friday and we had two fabulous parties. The second was a party for just the kids at this Heaven-on-Earth-for-little-people called Makutu’s.

If you live in the East Valley and have a kid under the age of 10, I highly recommend taking a trip to Makutu’s. It is super cool and they even let the grownups play (as long as you have socks… they have a weird obsession with socks).

Ben grabbed me as soon as we walked in and took me on a tour of the tunnels and slides that make up the inside of the play area. I have to say that as I struggled to get my hips through kid-sized crevices in pitch blackness two stories up, I gave thanks that I’m not claustrophobic.

I heartily recommend the banana slide. It totally made me scream. And don’t forget to take time to shake your maracas!

Happy Birthday, Ben!

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