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Better Chairs, Little Effort

When we moved into our house almost three years ago, we bought a new, fairly inexpensive dining room set. It has been quite good to us for hundreds of meals, but we always knew that the cushions were going to be a problem. You see, they’re white, and we have kids and cats… so now, after almost three years of use, they look like this:

Yes, you can feel free to say it, EW. So this week, knowing that I’m having family over next week for my youngest’s first birthday, I decided to recover them. It turns out that this is an incredibly easy process. First I went to our closest fabric store and asked them to point me to the upholstery fabric section. I bought two and a half yards of heavy duty dark fabric (for six chairs). It cost me just under $18. Then I went to Home Depot and bought a heavy duty stapler and staples to go with ($21). When I got home I flipped the chairs over and using a small screw driver, removed the three screws holding the bottom of the chair to the frame. I then cut my fabric just large enough to cover the seat and stapled it in place. Finally, I replaced the screw, and Viola:

Practically spill-proof and everything… I’m quite pleased with the results!

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