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Because There Aren’t Enough Creatures Around Here

Check out the newest addition to our family:

Isn’t he (she?) freaking adorable? She’s (he’s?) a desert tortoise we bought from Gray’s school. The school is built in a circle around a tortoise habitat and every year they sell the babies to raise funds for the school and to maintain the habitat. Jason’s always wanted one.

But, sshhh! Don’t tell this guy:

It’s a surprise 4th birthday present! Yep, that’s right, my little monster is four. He told me today that now that he’s four he’s going to be nice to his brothers and not suck his thumb anymore. I guess the black eye he gave Gray yesterday by throwing a toy train at his face was just one last hurrah.

So Happy Birthday to my favorite small sociopath! I can’t wait to hear the amazing, hilarious, sweet and brilliant things that will come out of your mouth this year.

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