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Awesomely Raddest New Blog Announcement

Me: Hi.

You: Hey, Lady.

Me: How’s it going today?

You: Not bad, not bad. Whatta ya got for me today?

Me: Did you come here today just cause I told you I have a fun and exciting announcement about another project I’m working on?

You: Ah … what project? Oh that thing you tacked on to the end of your Friday post? Something about a new blog? Right, right.

Me: Seriously? You totally forgot all about that?

You: Well honestly, what do you need a new blog for? You don’t get enough chance to air your thoughts here? Is there something you’ve been holding back? Because we kinda feel like we get a lot of you as it is…

Me: OK, now I’m just going to pretend that didn’t pinch a little bit. In my chest. You know, on the left side, sort of Southwest of my shoulder. Ow. Well you’re in luck, because I’m totally not the star of my new bloggy project. There’s other bloggers involved. And it’s about food.

You: Huh. Now I’m potentially interested. I was wondering what happened to Food Wednesdays. Didn’t you promise us that once?

Me: I promise a lot of things. Only about 65% actually come through. Don’t you remember when I promised like every day for a month that Real Estate Tangent would have a redesign?

You: Yeah, that got lame really fast.

Me: Humiliating. Anyway, I decided I needed a new venue for my thoughts on food. I also decided it would be super fun to invite some cool kids I know and love to write it with me. (I’m talking like I was in charge, but that lasted about 10 minutes and then everyone dove in and took over the parts they were best at. It was really kind beautiful in a collaborative, peace on Earth kinda way.)

You: So who is it?

Me: Well, one of my best buds for most of my life, Amanda, spearheaded the project with me and did all the techie, code-ish, smartie stuff. Then we brought in my dad, JT, from whom I inherited my strongly dominant sarcastic gene (you can trace the line of sarcasm straight through my family to way back. It’s like a widow’s peak. You can almost guess which of the kids are illegitimate by who doesn’t have one.). Next we added my smart and lovely sister-in-law, Jen (twin of my husband). She hails from the Pacific Northwest, but we try not to hold it against her. Jen did all of the pretty-making design stuff on the site. We kinda lucked into her in that manner. Last, but not least, we’ve got a teacher friend of my sister’s, Manda. I don’t know Manda as well as I do the rest, but I can tell I’m going to love her. She’s one funny bitch. And she provides grammatical correction when we need it (she teaches English).

You: That sounds like a fun bunch.

Me: It totally is.

You: OK, OK, I’m moderately intrigued. Where do I go?

Me: Dude, I seriously thought you were never going to ask. Gawd.

You: There’s nothing about real estate on there, is there?

Me: Nah. Just food. And stories. It’s possible I talk about how my kids make me insane, like I do on here. But there’s always a recipe. Check it out. You’ll dig it.

You: Alright. I’m out. See ya Wednesday. You better have a real post then.

Me: I will. So bossy. Geez. I spent all day yesterday writing effing content for the new site. What happened to ‘we already get a lot of you…’ Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Sheesh…

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