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Apparently I’m an AC Jinx

Today I’m headed to San Francisco to visit my brother and sister-in-law for the weekend. I’m scrambling to get everything packed and organized and taken care of before we head out this afternoon and am feeling a deep sense of foreboding for my ‘plan of action’. If today and this weekend are anything like the last week, things are bound to go in a direction I could never predict. It makes me wonder if I should even bother with a plan. It’s gonna go how it’s gonna go anyway, right?

Probably I should shower and finish packing, though. The universe likely isn’t going to arrange for that to be done for me.

Before I head that direction, though, I will leave you with a few random photos from the drama of the week.

Flying home from my tour of Texas airports (El Paso, Dallas, Houston) Wednesday I ended up at the back of the line boarding a Southwest flight. I was pretty sure I was going to end up in a middle seat between two fat, sweaty guys, but I somehow managed to snag the very last window seat next to an elderly couple who preferred the aisle.

The flight was an hour and a half late leaving and the pilot came on the intercom about 10 minutes after we took off to announce the reason for the late departure was a broken AC unit on the plane (thanks for telling us now, while we’re trapped on a broken plane, dude. That’s not freaking me out at all, swear) and consequently we would be flying at a low altitude for the entire flight to keep the plane cooler.

I spent the entire flight marveling at the changing landscape below. Broken AC, late, crowded flight and all, I feel a little bit blessed by all of that bad luck that I got to see the ground below more clearly that I ever have before on a flight. It was kind of rad.

Yesterday, you know if you live in Metro-Phoenix, we had a fire in one of the East Valley power stations. It happened to be close to my house.

I took this picture out the window of my sons’ room. If you look closely you can see the little orange part of the flames at the bottom.

The fire was extinguished fairly easily, but apparently the rerouting of power from that transformer and the high temperatures yesterday caused another station to be overloaded and go completely out. We had no power for almost 8 hours. I think I might have an air conditioning curse.

Luckily I’ll be in SF for the weekend where no AC is needed. Hopefully that will mean all of you Phoenicians will get to stay cool also, with me out of the state.



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