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Anything Can Be Fixed

I am currently working with three different clients who have radically different viewpoints on house repairs.

Client #1:

A first time buyer who is stressed about anything that appears to be broken in a house. Drywall cracks are especially disconcerting to the couple (and unfortunately, common in Gilbert, the primary location we have been looking in) but we’ve discussed several other issues that have made them uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing one property or another.

Client #2:

A buyer with much in the way of DIY skills, who wants to purchase a property with lots of potential in the ‘sweat equity’ arena. We’ve looked at houses with partially finished additions, houses with doors that lead out to nothing but a 15 foot drop and houses with termite infestations. None of these issues have deterred him, just the complications involved in obtaining a mortgage on these houses.

Client #3:

A seller with a house that has great bones, but that cannot catch a break concerning the escrow in which we’re currently embroiled. This poor house has encountered in the last three months: pool equipment theft, inadvertent locking of a security door causing the house to be inaccessible, a slow leak into the kitchen cabinets causing water saturation and mold, pool pump leaks, a brand new garage door opener not opening, a bizarre leak/paint bubble in an exterior wall in the master bath and various other small issues/necessary repairs.

All of these home buyers/sellers have different motivations for their strong feelings about what needs to be repaired in the houses they’re dealing with. Client #1 does not have a lot of capitol to put into a house after purchase, so they need it to be pretty move-in ready. Client #2 wants something that he can put his own stamp on. He loves things that are not as attractive to other buyers, but that maybe he can polish from a stone into a diamond. Client #3 knows that his house isn’t a lemon, but is frustrated with the bad luck he’s had regarding repairs.

My personal view about home repairs is that anything can be fixed. Termites can be treated, mold can be re-mediated, leaks can be repaired, pools can be degreened and refinished. It’s all a matter of how much it will cost, and who is going to pay for it. And this is why you need a decent real estate agent, because those are the big questions in real estate. How much is it going to cost to make my house into my home… And who will pay to do it? Your agent needs to be there for you to get that answer and make sure that it is the one the will work for you.

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