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And the Projects Continue…

The Christmas gifts have FINALLY all been received. Yes, I realize it’s January 12th, but the international postal service has some sort of a voodoo curse on us and no one ever receives anything we send out of the country on time, if at all. So the box we sent off to England for Jason’s twin sister and her husband just got there this week. We told them not to eat the cookies, but they did and apparently haven’t died of botulism yet, so I guess we’re in the clear.

Anyway, one of my other favorite Christmas crafts went to Jen:

jens bag.jpg

It’s a little satchel type bag meant to fit a book or notebook and a thin wallet or whatever. It’s just a really basic ‘rectangle sewed to rectangle with a lining’ design with an interesting button I had used as a closing at the top. It’s made of 3″ by 3″ squares I knitted mixed with corduroy squares. On some of the corduroy I did stitching or beads just to jazz it up. Jen’s a total hippie girl, so I was going for that earthy patchwork look. I was really happy with it when it was finished and I hope she likes it too.

And two last quick Christmas crafts before I move on:

One-shoulder backpack purse for Amanda (a Butterick pattern, with my own design of turquoise):


And a zig-zaggy scarf for Julene (an altered version of the Wavy Gravy scarf in the Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation book, out of Kureyon yarn):


I made her a hat like the one I made for Kelli out of the Kureyon yarn for her birthday (yesterday!), but I forgot to take a picture.

So now that all of that is over and done with, I’ve moved on to one of my New Year’s resolutions; I’ve started knitting a sweater for myself:


I’ll keep you updated on the progress. It just may take me all year.

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